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Stroke prevention clinics are 'important'

Stroke prevention clinics are 'important'
8th November 2011

The importance of referring patients to a stroke prevention clinic following either a mild stroke or a transient ischemic attack has been confirmed in a recent study.

Patients sent to a stroke prevention clinic experienced a 26 per cent reduction in one-year mortality rates, according to research from the University of Western Ontario.

Dr Vladimir Hachinski, lead researcher on the study, stated: "This study provides important evidence that referral to a SPC reduces mortality.

"The basic underlying principle of our study is that organised care, even with staggered models, makes a positive difference at all levels."

Research has also previously shown that patients at a high risk for a second stroke who receive intensive medical care have better mortality rates than those who receive a brain stent.

Successful care methods include daily blood-thinning medications and aggressive control of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Subjects who received these treatments and did not have a brain stent exhibited less recurring strokes and deaths.

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