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Stroke patients using computer games to boost arm movement

Stroke patients using computer games to boost arm movement
12th August 2010

Researchers from New Zealand are using computer games as part of rehabilitative care program for people who have had a stroke.

The country's Crown Research Institute has devised simple interactive games which require specific hand and arm movements, ABC News reports.

These arm movements are helping to develop control of the limb among people who have had a stroke, leading to a better quality of life.

Project engineer Marcus King told the news provider that the results were very promising, with almost all patients who have taken part in the rehabilitative care program showing significant improvements.

"We've had reports of people that might have had one arm paralysed and have been having to drive their car single-handed and they can now use both hands on the steering wheel at once," he told the news provider.

One person in the UK experiences a stroke every five minutes, according to research from the Stroke Association.

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