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Stroke patients can benefit from yoga

Stroke patients can benefit from yoga
27th July 2012

Older adults that have experienced a stroke can benefit from yoga, according to a recent study.

Researchers claim that the exercise can help to improve balance among those that have had a stroke.

The discovery was made when a team from Indiana University tested the benefits of yoga among 47 chronic stroke survivors.

Participants had experienced a stroke six months or more prior to the trial and were divided into three groups.

One group had twice-weekly sessions for eight weeks, another had two sessions per week and a relaxation recording to use three times a week, while the third group had no rehabilitation at all.

It was found that those who did yoga had better balance at the end of the trial than those who didn't.

Dr Arlene Schmid, lead researcher on the study, commented: "For people with chronic stroke, something like yoga in a group environment is cost effective and appears to improve motor function and balance."

Improving balance is vital for stroke patients in their rehabilitation. Those with poor balance are often unable to live independently, are at an increased risk of injury and have a lower quality of life.

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