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Stroke needs fast response as "time lost is brain lost"

Stroke needs fast response as
4th February 2010

If signs of a stroke become clear, a person must get to the hospital as soon as possible, according to the Stroke Association.

Andrea Lane, the media manager for the Stroke Association, said that the ten-year stroke strategy has notably improved stroke care, explaining that in the last five years, more people have been surviving a stroke and fewer people have been forced to cope with the effects of severe disabilities.

She continued: "As a result of the FAST campaign, more people are recognising the symptoms of stroke and the importance of getting to hospital quickly."

It is vital, Ms Lane concluded, that action is quick if someone has a stroke as "time lost is brain lost", meaning that it is imperative that people get to hospital for a brain scan so the right treatment can be given, adding that access to treatment at all times is available no matter where someone lives.

In November, the Department of Health revealed that its FAST (Face, Arm, Speech, Time to call 999) campaign has led to a 55.5 per cent increase in stroke calls to 999.

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