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Stroke issues highlighted by salt warning

Stroke issues highlighted by salt warning
8th October 2009

A recent study by the Food Standards Agency this week has discovered a number of things about salt intake - something which, if too high, can lead to strokes.

The organisation discovered that over three-quarters of people (77 per cent) are not aware that bread and breakfast cereals are among the foods that contribute the most salt to a regular diet.

Responding to the study, Dr Elisabeth Weichselbaum, a nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, said that people must check the labels on food in order to compare products from different brands, opting ideally for the low salt version.

She explained that salt levels can vary greatly in food stuffs such as baked beans and cereal depending on the brand, with sodium needing to be targeted in the most popular products eaten from day to day.

Dr Weichselbaum added: "Bread for example, particularly wholemeal bread, is a great source of fibre and some vitamins and minerals, so to cut down salt intake it is better to buy the low salt version rather than cutting down on bread intake overall."

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