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Stroke charity condemns council care cuts

Stroke charity condemns council care cuts
15th November 2010

A stroke charity has reacted angrily to plans to stop funding for stroke care in a major London borough.

Wandsworth Borough Council recently announced that it would be ending funding for the Family and Carer Support Services, which had been helping stroke patients across the area.

More than 100 stroke patients had used the service in the last year, the Stroke Association claims, which means a similar amount will be left without vital support this year.

The charity's head of London operations Tom Greenwood said that the group was "distressed and greatly disappointed" by the council's decision, which will adversely affect many people's recoveries.

"We are concerned that the London Borough of Wandsworth will deny stroke survivors their potential to recover from their stroke if these cuts go ahead," he said.

Scientists at the Louis Pradel Hospital in Bron, France, recently suggested that the recovery of stroke patients could be improved by a brain scan.

A survey conducted by ICM on behalf of BBC Radio 4 recently found that 77 per cent of people either vastly underestimate or are completely oblivious to the real cost of care.

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