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Stroke awareness 'led by campaigns'

Stroke awareness 'led by campaigns'
12th November 2009

Stroke awareness has improved in the UK, leading to better levels of treatment, according to a leading expert in the issue.

Andrea Lane, a representative of the Stroke Association, argued that campaigns such as FAST from the Department of Health have been imperative in the reduction of ignorance about strokes and their symptoms, with 150,000 people a year affected by the issue.

She underlined that prompt response to the problem was always necessary as this will improve their chances of survival, as until recent years, stroke was sometimes viewed as a bi-product of age, which meant the UK was home to one of the worst rates of outcome for stroke survivors in Europe.

Ms Lane added: "But with the implementation of the National Stroke Strategy in 2007, giving guidelines to healthcare professionals, things are improving. Growing awareness and medical advances have dramatically improved the chances of not just surviving a stroke, but making a good recovery."

FAST uses a helpful acronym to underline the need to recognise Face, Arm and Speech weakness, as then it is Time to call 999 because someone may be having a stroke.

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