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Stroke Association gets 2006 marathon underway

23rd August 2005

The 2006 Flora London Marathon may seem a long way down the track but the ballot is open and places are up for grabs to join The Stroke Association team.

The Stroke Association is the official charity of the 2006 Flora London Marathon, so now is the perfect time to start helping build one of the largest teams in the event and run for a charity recently awarded Medical Charity of the Year 2005.

Every five minutes someone in England and Wales has a stroke. It is a brain attack and can happen to anyone at anytime. Of all the people who have a stroke, about a third are likely to be left with disabilities and needing rehabilitation.

"The money raised from the Marathon will help us fund more vital stroke services and research to help those affected by stroke. It will also provide a platform to educate more people on how to prevent the UK's third biggest killer," said Jon Barrick, chief executive of The Stroke Association.

When you apply for a place on The Stroke Association team you will receive an enquiry pack full of essential information and a step-by-step guide on how to secure your spot.

The closing date for ballot entries is Friday October 21st.