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Stroke Association: Care for stroke patients must improve

Stroke Association: Care for stroke patients must improve
28th May 2008

The Stroke Association is calling on the government to do more to assist stroke victims who have lost the ability to communicate.

Figures published by the charity claim that nine out of ten stroke victims are left unsupported within their community.

In response to this finding, the association has launched 'Lost Without Words' – a campaign designed to highlight the affect of losing communication abilities.

Joe Korner, director of external affairs for the Stroke Association, said: "We all need to communicate. Whether it's through speaking, a hand gesture or the blink of an eye, the ability to interact with others is crucial."

He added that the loss of such a basic skill could leave stroke survivors feeling depressed and imprisoned.

Among the measures proposed by the association include monitoring stroke sufferers every six weeks for six months following the incident.

This follows news from the University of California claiming that many people with heart disease are unaware of the symptoms of a heart attack.