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Stem cells could still hold Parkinson's cure key

7th September 2005

The recent hype surrounding the ability of stem cell research to hold the cure to Parkinson's disease will take a long time to prove, according to the Parkinson's Disease Society.

Society representative Dr Kieran Breen responded to suggestions that scientists are unjustifiably hyping the potential of the research to treat such degenerative conditions, by not ruling out the possibility of a cure.

Dr Breen told BBC 's News, stem cell research is one of the key areas being investigated into a cure.

"And there is a possibility that it may provide a cure for Parkinson's but this will be a long way down the line and there's still a lot of work to do," he added.

The support for the research came after fertility expert Lord Winston raised concerns about the hype surrounding stem cells.

Lord Winston told the same BBC News programme: "We tend often to appear to have too much over confidence, we may exaggerate, simply because this is an area where we need support, where we need the support of the public and we need to persuade them."