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Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis 'is very exciting'

Stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis 'is very exciting'
19th July 2010

There is currently very little help that can be offered to older people with arthritis, according to a leading UK charity.

With this in mind, a new clinical trial for treating painful joints with stem cell therapy is very exciting, although it is still at a very early stage, claims Jane Tadman of Arthritis UK.

"We need to be clear that this is just the start of developing this technique, and it could be a few years before such treatment will be in routine use," she explained.

Ms Tadman went on to say that the charity is hoping to soon announce the opening of a new tissue-engineering centre dedicated to this type of research.

The new medical trial is hoping to use stem cells to repair worn cartilage in the knee of those with osteoarthritis.

Known as mesenchymal stem cells, they will be harvested from the patient's bone marrow and injected directly into the knee joint.

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