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Staying active after work can 'boost health and wealth'

Staying active after work can 'boost health and wealth'
19th October 2009

People who drop everything when they reach retirement are much more likely to age quicker and have an increased risk of heart attacks, cancer and other diseases, according to the Daily Mail.

Responding to this report, Andrew Harrop, the head of public policy at Age Concern and Help the Aged, said people should put as much effort as possible into remaining active when they reach their golden years.

He explained: "To keep working in later life can be highly beneficial for older people who are healthy enough and willing to do so.

"Having a job not only keeps the body and the mind active - reducing the risk of dementia - but also offers opportunities to socialise and keep relationships fresh."

Mr Harrop added that the sense of achievement and fulfilment that can be derived from having a rewarding job can help fight off the effects of depression and other mental health problems, while working after the age of state pension claims can also support a better standard of living.

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