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Stay healthy through natural and organic means

Stay healthy through natural and organic means
13th January 2012

Older adults looking to stay healthy for longer should consider natural and organic means, experts claim.

Steve Finnemore, a specialist massage therapist, explained that there are several natural ways to stay healthy that can improve a person’s resilience to those illnesses that manifest during the winter period.

Firstly, Britons should look to their diets to ensure that what they eat is organic and good for their bodies.

“Using a good range of organic seasonal vegetables you can make meals packed with nutrients which help you stay healthy throughout winter,” Mr Finnemore advised.

People must also remember to have their daily fruit intake during winter, which may be served warm orange juice or honey as a desert.

Moreover, Britons must remember to stay active and walking is a positive year-round activity that will yield sufficient health benefits.

What’s more, walking doesn’t cost anything and is a great cardiovascular activity that can help to stave off degenerative illnesses, such as dementia and stroke.

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