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Statins may improve reduce mortality

Statins may improve reduce mortality
14th December 2011

A study suggests that statins may reduce mortality in patients with influenza.

Researchers at the Oregan Public Health Division in Portland found that cholesterol lowering drugs could offer an additional treatment to complement current therapies used to reduce mortality in patients hospitalised with influenza.

The observational study led by Dr Meredith L. Vandermeer analysed data from adults admitted to hosptital during to 2007 to 2008 influenza season in Oregan.

Of the 33 per cent of patients given statins after being hosptialised through influenza, more survived than those who did not receive medication.

"Our study found that statins were associated with a decrease in odds of dying among cases hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed influenza, when adjusted for [variable factors]," Dr Vandermeer stated.

Previous studies have speculated over the utility of statins when treating influenza, as the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of the drug could ease symptoms.

Moreover, in the case of an outbreak, statins are more readily available and are cheaper to manufacture than other treatments.

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