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'Statin therapy could prevent strokes in diabetes patients'

'Statin therapy could prevent strokes in diabetes patients'
11th January 2008

Most diabetes patients will benefit from statin therapy, even if they have not yet developed symptoms of vascular disease, according to the Medical Research Council.

Research from the group has shown that statins have positive effects, even if an individual does not have high cholesterol.

Data from approximately 19,000 people with diabetes, who had previously completed statin trials, was compared with the effect of stains on 71,000 participants who did not have diabetes.

It was found that a standard statin regime would prevent roughly a third of heart attacks and strokes in diabetes patients.

Dr Patricia Kearney, who helped coordinate the study, said: "The benefits of statins were similar in all the different types of people with diabetes we studied, including those without known heart disease, women, the elderly, those with mild kidney disease, and those with below average blood cholesterol levels.

"The largest benefits were seen among those at greatest risk of a heart attack or stroke."

There are currently over 2.3 million people with diabetes in the UK, according to Diabetes UK.

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