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Spot-checks bring reassurance to care homes

3rd March 2006

There are to be more spot-checks on care homes in the UK to ensure that they are providing adequate care.

This new legislation to monitor care that is given to older people will come into effect today, reports the BBC.

These regulations will also mean that the best performing homes will be checked less regularly and those that are under-achieving will receive an annual visit.

New regulatory changes follow Wednesday's launch of a centralised vetting system to detect abusers and bar them from working in social care.

"This change is going to free up inspectors to focus a laser-like light on care homes that are performing badly and force them to improve," care services minister Liam Byrne, told the BBC.

Ministers are also looking at ways to make it easier for relatives of those in care homes to request spot-checks anonymously if they detect anything suspicious.

The new legislation is part of a package of change, which includes a £6,000 research project and a compulsory regulation and training programme for all care staff.