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Sports injuries 'can lead to arthritis in later life'

Sports injuries 'can lead to arthritis in later life'
8th April 2009

Elderly people have a much greater chance of developing arthritis in their later years if they have a record of sporting injuries, according to a charity.

Professor Alan Silman, the associate editor of Arthritis Research and Therapy, made his comments in response to a controversial comment at the end of a recent episode of the Apprentice, where boss Sir Alan Sugar commented on the departing Rocky Andrews' past history.

The businessman and TV reality star paralleled Rocky's exit from Middlesbrough FC on a stretcher to his leaving in a black cab after he was fired.

Professor Silman said it was an unfortunate case, adding: "It is fair to say that there is a widespread view that arthritis and related conditions only affect the elderly but younger people can have their lives blighted by it."

Arthritis Care is the leading UK charity combating the effects of the condition, receiving funding from Lloyds TSB, the Big Lottery Fund and Pfizer.