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Specialist stroke centres 'needed in London'

Specialist stroke centres 'needed in London'
1st July 2009

London's ability to handle stroke victims must change if the issue is to be fully resolved, according to the spokesman of a leading charity.

Joe Korner, the director of communications at the Stroke Association, explained that stroke care in London depends on where the sufferer lives, highlighting the "urgent improvements" needed in the capital to deal with this increasingly problematic situation.

He noted that a good way to do this would be to develop at least eight specialist centres as this could stem the difficulties currently presented to the NHS services in the city.

Mr Korner continued: "The majority of respondents to the Healthcare for London consultation agree that change is urgently needed to ensure the best possible care for everyone and there is support for the proposed changes to stroke care in the capital."

The Stroke Association is currently the only UK-wide charity concerned with combating strokes, funding research, treatment and advances in rehabilitation.

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