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Southerndown care home rewards long service

Southerndown care home rewards long service
10th April 2008

The Southerndown care home was recently celebrating the dedication of its staff with a long service awards ceremony.

Five members of staff were honoured at the March 31st event, which took place at the Barchester Group care home.

Bernadette Lloyd, Shirley Yates, Sandra Watts, Jaques Isabelle and Eva Ions all received accolades at the event and have worked in the care home for 65 years between them.

Shirley Archer, general manager of Southerdown, presented the staff members with vouchers and a gift to thank them for their hard work over the years.

This follows another staff awards ceremony at the Stamford Bridge Beaumont care home, which is also part of the Barchester Group.

On Valentine's Day, staff were treated to a series of romantic rewards including 'best smile' and 'most kind hearted'.

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