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Southampton opens debate on treatment of older people

8th September 2006

A debate being led by Southampton City Council will acknowledge and tackle the challenges of our ageing population.

The Later Years Partnership (LYP) will host a congress during September and October to explore issues affecting quality of life for older residents, indicative of a nationwide move to address this issue.

Including a public meeting, political and professional speakers and the engagement of charities such as Age Concern, the congress aims to open the debate among the local community to the treatment of older people.

"Many older people have lived in Southampton all their lives and want to be part of the city's future," said John Beer, chair of the LYP and executive director for communities, health and care on the city council.

"The congress is an ideal opportunity for them to come along, have their say and listen to the views of others to help build a city that meets the needs of older people," he added.

A survey last month carried out by the University of Nottingham concluded that Britain's ageing population is the single biggest challenge facing the UK economy over the next decade.