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Social care recruitment drive launched

7th March 2007

A campaign to boost the number of people taking up a career in social care was launched today by the Department of Health.

The campaign is to be shown on TV, radio and in the press with the aim of broadening the type of people who work in social care.

Real-life carers and those making use of carer services were involved in the production of campaign materials to offer potential applicants the opportunity to see what the job entails.

The adverts include a young man with autism being taught the way to his new job, a wheelchair user in a skate park, and a woman being assisted in her home.

Ivan Lewis, care services minister, discussed the message the campaign hopes to send out: "This campaign will focus on how rewarding and valuable a career in social care can be and sets out to challenge perceptions on who works in social care."

Martin Green, chief executive of the English Community Care Association said: "This campaign is going to be really important in that its going to raise the profile of social care and gain better understanding of what social care is all about within the general population."

The social care sector needs to attract thousands of new recruits over the coming years since much of the workforce is nearing retirement age after recruitment drives in the 1970s.

Although there is no shortage of applicants for courses in social care, there is concern that insufficient numbers of qualified students are taking up employment in the sector.