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Small vessel damage 'responsible' for 1/3 of dementia risk'

Small vessel damage 'responsible' for 1/3 of dementia risk'
9th April 2008

Autopsy data has revealed that in some cases Alzheimer's may be caused by small vessel damage.

Researchers from the University of Washington studied 3,400 individuals and found that vessel damage, which can be caused by hypertension or diabetes, was present in approximately a third of those who had suffered from dementia before their death, reports Medical News Today.

Dr Thomas Montine, who led the study, and his colleagues are now planning further investigations to see if this discovery could be useful in preventing the risk of Alzheimer's.

He stated that it is an important finding as while prevention and treatment for Alzheimer's remain under investigation, methods for preventing complications of hypertension and diabetes are currently available.

This follows news that a blood test which could give an early warning indicator of Alzheimer's is currently under development.

Power3 Medical Products hopes to have its NuroPro test available by summer.

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