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Sir Terry lambasts govt for lack of dementia funding

Sir Terry lambasts govt for lack of dementia funding
11th February 2010

The recent showing of Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer's on BBC2 showed how the best-selling author is frustrated at the lack of government support for research on the disease.

Responding to the government's National Dementia Strategy launched by the health secretary last week, patron of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Sir Terry Pratchett said:"I'd just like to see this disease wiped out, and I haven't heard them doing anything about more money for research into actually helping that come about."

Chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Rebecca Wood said that Sir Terry is totally right in his assertion that the government is failing to support dementia research, adding that less than three per cent of the medical research budget is devoted to the condition that will cost £50 billion a year in a few years.

Luckily, Sir Terry's campaigning has inspired a flood of donations, she added, noting that £200,000 has been added to the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

Terry Pratchett's famous Discworld series of books debuted with The Colour of Magic back in 1983.

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