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Sinemet 'returns to full production'

Sinemet 'returns to full production'
18th January 2011

The production of Parkinson's drug Sinemet will return to full supply in 2011, after a shortage of the treatment during the past year.

MSD UK has announced they are now back up to full speed, supplying at the same level they were before the shortage.

However, they have said that increased demand could be a problem as back-orders and extra subscriptions are completed.

Val Buxton, director of policy, campaigns and information at Parkinson's UK said that the inconvenience and stress caused by the Sinemet shortage made for a difficult 2010 for many with the disease.

"We hope that those affected can now look ahead to 2011 and no longer worry about availability of essential medication," she added.

This comes after researchers from the Netherlands recommended in the Lancet that doctors should ask patients whether they were still able to ride a bicycle when diagnosing whether they had atypical or standard Parkinson's disease.

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