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Simple exercises reduce fall risk

Simple exercises reduce fall risk
9th August 2012

Completing a series of simple exercises can help older adults reduce their risk of falls by improving balance.

A study claims that when a group of over-70s performed activities at home, such as standing on one leg, there was a 31 per cent drop in accident rates.

Other exercises include walking, stepping over objects and moving from sitting to a standing position.

The findings come as it is revealed that less than ten per cent of older adults do exercises to improve their strength.

Ageing specialist professor Lindy Clemson commented: "Functional based exercise should be a focus for interventions to protect older, high risk people from falling and to improve and maintain functional capacity."

Michelle Mitchell, charity director general of Age UK, is now encouraging older adults to complete strength and balance exercises as a part of their daily routine, adding that regular eye tests must also be completed to reduce the risk of falls.

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