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Silver surfers 'growing in number'

Silver surfers 'growing in number'
19th August 2009

More retirees are embracing the internet, giving them a greatest lease of life and freedom, it has been said.

According to a recent study by Just Retirement, almost half of 60 to 70-year-olds are using email regularly, while online shopping is used by 65 per cent of those who admitted to being "silver surfers" - those who are over 65 who enjoy using online services.

This may be setting a precedent for future years, where increased knowledge of the internet may improve the likes of home care through support initiatives.

Head of research at Just Retirement Nigel Barlow said: "It's inevitable that the older generation will catch up with younger age groups on online activity. However, what is interesting is the extent to which they are prepared to research online.

"The survey also reveals a reticence to manage personal affairs such as payment details and personal details online."

Just Retirement was founded in 2004 as a financial adviser aiming to help older members of society with their savings and investment options.

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