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Silver surfers ‘taking advantage of hand-me-up technology’

Silver surfers ‘taking advantage of hand-me-up technology’
29th October 2015

A growing trend for young people to pass their old smartphones, tablets and laptops to older family members is helping pensioners to become more tech-savvy.

This is according to a new study from VocaLink, which found that older people are taking advantage of improving technology to discover discounted deals online, online and mobile banking and activities and social groups to join in their area.

Cara O’Nions, marketing and customer insight director at VocaLink, said: “Younger generations play a massive role in helping older generations learn to use mobile payment services.”

Ms O’Nions went on to say that mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular so “it is crucial that everyone is empowered to enjoy the benefits this new technology offers”. 

In order to get to grips with new technology, free lessons and private tutoring can be accessed at public libraries and many community centres, which can also be great places to socialise with other older people keen to get online and take advantage of the benefits.

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