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Should businesses take more responsibility for mental health?

Should businesses take more responsibility for mental health?
4th July 2012

As the government launches a new pledge for employers designed to improve mental health in the workplace, many will be questioning if businesses should be taking more responsibility for the mental state of employees.

According to Phillip Hodson FRSA, psychotherapist and broadcaster, employers must recognise the strain they place workers under.

"I think businesses are responsible for a lot of the problems, by expecting people to work 24/7 and to be available at short notice and forget about the need for sleep," he said.

Thus, businesses need to have more realistic expectations and remember that they are dealing with humans.

Similarly, workers need to know how to measure their own stress levels and have coping mechanisms in place for when they are put under pressure.

However, Mr Hodson asserts that a little stress is beneficial to act as adrenaline throughout the working day, but people should not mistake mental health problems as ordinary work pressures.

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