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Sharon Stone reveals her battle to recover from stroke

Sharon Stone reveals her battle to recover from stroke
9th February 2015

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has spoken of her struggle to make a comeback following a stroke that left her unable to walk and talk properly for two years.

However, she said her recovery - which involved going teetotal - has made her grateful, rather than resentful, at growing older, the Express reports.

Ms Stone revealed she was in an intensive care unit for nine days after having a "massive brain haemorrhage" in 2001, adding that the survival rate for what she went through is "very low".

The 56-year old star of Basic Instinct said she spent two years learning to walk and talk again, and regaining her ability to read.

She is set to return to TV screens this year in a new drama series Agent X, in which she plays America's first female vice-president.

Despite her experiences, she remains a sex symbol. "Every time I go into a Starbucks some 20-year-old guy throws himself at me," Ms Stone said.

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