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Serious stress can 'cause strokes'

Serious stress can 'cause strokes'
2nd October 2009

A new research piece has discovered that there are strong links between stress and ischemic strokes.

The study, carried out by experts at the University of Gothenburg, has been published in the BMC Medicine journal and is the first time that correlation between self-reported stress and different stroke subtypes has been established – something that testers described as a "novel finding".

Katrina Jood, a lead researcher with her team at the institution, explained that the results should be interpreted "with caution" due to the case-control-design nature of the study, which could lead to an overestimation of stress as a stroke risk factor.

She continued: "However, the study contributes with important indications that the association between stress and stroke may differ between different stroke subtypes and it calls for further prospective studies of the relation between stress and stroke."

The Stroke Association estimates there to be 150,000 people who suffer strokes annually, with one third of all strokes leading to death within ten days.

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