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SenseCam 'combats memory loss'

SenseCam 'combats memory loss'
24th March 2009

A £50 portable camera has been developed to aid in the fight against memory loss suffered by those affected by dementia, it has been reported.

The technology, which is worn around the neck and takes a photograph every 30 seconds or when it detects changes in body heat, light or activity, can then play the images back at high speed to stimulate a patient's memory.

A team is developing the prototype at Cambridge University with Microsoft Research.

Dr Steve Hodges, who is currently developing the camera with his team in the university city, said: "It's clear that SenseCam has a huge potential both as a memory aid and as a tool for clinicians to better understand cognitive brain functions and further advance the study of neuroscience."

It was added that his team are "excited" to be allowed to extend the project and involve a large number of leading researchers and clinicians from around the globe.

This week, Kevin Whately appeared on ITV's Tonight show to highlight the need to focus on dementia care in the UK, highlighting the Barchester Healthcare Memory Lane Communities model as one to follow.

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