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Screening trial for Alzheimer's being tested in the UK

Screening trial for Alzheimer's being tested in the UK
28th January 2008

A screening trial for Alzheimer's is to be tested throughout the UK and America.

The Cognision screening system, developed by Neuronetrix, measures electrical activity in the brain and uses computer technology to determine whether it is normal or abnormal.

Any abnormal activity can be correlated with specific diseases such as Alzheimer's.

The UK testing will incorporate approximately 100 people - 50 with Alzheimer's and a control group.

Patients will wear an electronic headset recording how their brain responds to sounds and researchers hope this data will be used to will allow them to verify a "signature" brain wave for Alzheimer's patients and help recognise the condition earlier.

"This is a first step," said Dr. Charles Smith a neurologist at Sanders-Brown and leader of the UK study along with Dr. Gregory Jicha. "Its use as a screening device is a bit far away."

Early detection of Alzheimer's is vital as according to the Alzheimer's Society the majority of medications for the condition are only effective in the early to middle stages of the condition.

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