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Scottish preventive care plans hailed

31st October 2005

Plans to revive health and health services in Scotland have been praised by the Scottish health minister as 'common sense'.

Andy Kerr said the plans would include a greater focus on early intervention and preventative community health services.

Talking to BBC One's 'Reporting Scotland' Mr Kerr said the plans would help keep the elderly out of hospital in the first place.

"At the core of this is common sense, that we want to stop people getting ill in the first place, that we want to manage the increasingly elderly population and those with chronic conditions better and keep them out of hospital, because that's what they want and that's what I want," he said.

The plans will shift the provision of health services directly into the community.

However, those opposed to the plans fear the focus on local services could fail to stem the centralisation of specialist units and the closure of their smaller branches.