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'Scots suffer from early-onset of Alzheimer's'

'Scots suffer from early-onset of Alzheimer's'
2nd April 2008

Early-onset Alzheimer's is affecting Scots as young as 30, it has emerged.

A recent report in the Daily Express states that despite the increasing number of people affected by the condition many individuals are not diagnosed due to their age.

However, a representative of Alzheimer's Scotland revealed that awareness of the condition is improving thanks to Terry Pratchett's admission that he developed it aged 59.

Maureen Thom, information manager for the charity, told the newspaper: "There have been a lot of headlines lately because of Terry Pratchett and that is good because it dispels the image of a drooling old person tied to a wheelchair."

"We need to remember that it can be particularly difficult time for a young person to be diagnosed. That alone can take a while because there could be numerous reasons – such as depression – for displaying symptoms associated with dementia."

Last month, Terry Pratchett, who is the best-selling author of the Disc World series, announced that he is donating £500,000 to help fund research into Alzheimer's disease.

The Alzheimer's Society defines early-onset Alzheimer's as a condition affecting those under 65 – more than 15,000 younger people suffer from dementia in the UK.

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