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Scotland 'invests £1m in dementia research hub'

Scotland 'invests £1m in dementia research hub'
29th August 2008

The Scottish government is investing £1 million in a university research network, with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

Focusing on patient-centred clinical studies, the hub hopes to generate scientific discoveries to assist in the development of new treatments, the Press and Journal reports.

The network, which will be based in Glasgow, Grampian, Lothian and Tayside, is said to be uniting Scotland's foremost academics and clinicians.

According to the news provider, chairperson of the research collaboration Dr Peter Connelly commented that it will be the first time such a coordinated approach to dementia research has been implemented in Scotland, "the way we have seen with our existing Scottish clinical research networks for cancer, children's medicines, diabetes, stroke, mental health and primary care".

Earlier this week, a leading charity said that dementia is drastically "under-recognised and under-funded" in the UK.

According to the Alzheimer's Society, one in three people aged over 65 will die as a result of some form of dementia.

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