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Scope backs smarter working campaign

24th April 2006

The disability organisation Scope has backed a campaign promoting more adaptable working practices.

The organisation is supporting the three-year Work Wise UK initiative, which is aimed at encouraging flexible working practices, such as working remotely or from home.

Bob Benson, Scope’s executive director of community development, said: "There are around one million disabled people in the UK who want to work but are prevented from doing so.

"A major obstacle is employers not being adaptive or responsible when it comes to staff who have impairments.

"But firms that adopt flexible working practices, based on reasonable adjustments, will be helping people to work more productively, whilst fulfilling their legal responsibilities as an employer."

He added that someone with a disability who works from home, even for just part of the week, benefits greatly because getting to and from a place of work can be extremely difficult.

Work Wise UK aims to have half the nation's working population taking advantage of smarter working practices by 2009.