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Scientist sees Alzheimer's drug as number one goal

Scientist sees Alzheimer's drug as number one goal
21st August 2008

A top UK neuroscientist has cited key progress in Alzheimer's treatment as her primary research goals.

Baroness Greenfield said she would most like to see the introduction of a new test to detect the early onset of Alzheimer's disease and a treatment which could prevent its symptoms from developing, The Times reports.

In a speech at the Edinburgh Book Festival, she suggested that if such a process was perfected it could become as commonplace as breast screening is at present for women.

However, the news provider states that she added a cautionary note regarding possible timescales, saying: "I am speaking to you as a scientist, not a clinician; what is happening in the laboratory is a long way off from the clinic."

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association investigated how dementia in old age might be better predicted.

Researchers suggested that more accurate conclusions may be reached if a variety of neurophysical tests on are carried out on people, which are able to account for the inconsistency individuals often show when they are being assessed.

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