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Schizophrenia costs could be reduced

6th October 2006

A new study has found that in patients with Schizophrenia, fewer hospitalisations and lower medical costs are seen after taking a risperidone long-acting injection.

The US research was presented at the American Psychiatric Association's 58th Institute of Psychiatric Services.

Some 42 per cent of patients with either schizophrenia or a schizoaffective disorder experienced a psychiatric-related hospitalisation after commencing risperidone, compared to 75 per cent before commencing treatment.

According to the researchers, each American schizophrenia patient costs $32,000 (£17,000) in direct and indirect annual costs including treatment, societal and family costs and the researchers believe the study could assist in reducing this expenditure.

"This retrospective analysis demonstrates the potential for decreased psychiatric-related hospitalisations in patients being treated with risperidone long-acting injection," said Dr Kenneth Shermock, president of Shermock Outcomes Research.

"Risperidone long-acting injection provides continuous delivery of medication when administered once every two weeks, and allows the treatment team to monitor the patient's condition and adherence to therapy, which can help avoid hospitalisations and potentially reduce the overall cost of care."

According to the Mental Health Foundation, it is estimated that one in 100 people in the UK will experience manic depression or schizophrenia at some stage in their life.