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Salmond renews commitment to older care

14th November 2005

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Alex Salmond will renew the party's commitment to long-term care for the elderly, when he addresses the annual Scottish Care conference this week.

Mr Salmond will also criticise the executive for the ongoing 'wrangling' over the cost of care.

Talking in advance of the conference Mr Salmond said it was a basic principle of a decent society that the most vulnerable are looked after.

"There must be an end to the wrangling over the cost of care and a commitment to ensuring sufficient beds in our care homes," he said.

"In the summer the number of people kept in hospital because care beds were not available rose tenfold. This simply does not make sense when hospital care costs three times as much as the right sort of care in a nursing or residential home," he added.

Mr Salmond said the executive must help older Scots remain independent in their own homes and help support the care sector.