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Saga magazine: Ageing 'is not a disease'

Saga magazine: Ageing 'is not a disease'
5th July 2011

It is not impossible to stay fit and well into later life, Saga Magazine has said, and people who keep mentally active may be able to stave off conditions like dementia for longer.

According to reports in newspapers this month, celebrities like Twiggy and Dame Helen Mirren are inspiring an older generation to diet and realise they can still maintain their bodies well into later life, with record numbers of "sixtysomethings" dieting.

Emma Soames, editor-at-large for Saga Magazine, said it is important to challenge the perception that ageing is a "disease", and many people are able to stay fit and well into their 60s and 70s.

"It is not for nothing that there is an ad for the Wii which is fronted by Dame Helen Mirren," she said.

"Celebrities who look terrific are an inspiration, particularly to older women, that they too can look good, feel good and be super healthy."

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