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Saga: Funding care is achievable

21st September 2006

There are many options available to help those in residential care fund their bills, Saga has said.

According to the group, many of those who require long-term care are able to fund it without selling their house and of those who do sell, most did not seek advice about other options first.

The comments were given in response to a survey by Help the Aged, which found that half of those nearing retirement would have to sell their house in order to cover the cost of nursing care.

"We welcome Help the Aged's study in drawing attention to the complex nature of long-term care funding, but in our experience, around 90 per cent of people who sell their home to pay for their care will do so without seeking help and advice and there are many other options available," said Owain Wright, head of long-term care funding at Saga.

"For example, it is possible to pay for your care with an interest-free loan from your local authority. It is also possible to cap the overall cost of care by buying a guaranteed income for life."

He continued: "It saddens me to say that I have seen many occasions where people requiring care have sold their properties when in fact that didn't need to pay for their care at all."

The Help the Aged survey suggested that 62 per cent of those aged between 45 and 65-years-old have made no plans for funding long-term care, with one in five saying that "life is too short" to worry about something that may not happen.