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Ruth Langsford discusses father's dementia

Ruth Langsford discusses father's dementia
30th July 2014

Television personality Ruth Langsford has spoken about her father's battle and eventual death from dementia, speaking of her commitment to bolster awareness and research funds.

The wife of Eamonn Holmes told the Daily Express that her father Dennis was diagnosed with the degenerative disease towards the end of the 1990s, but she suspected he had it before then.

Having been originally diagnosed with depression upon visiting the doctors over increasing forgetfulness, he was eventually told he had dementia.

She told the paper how she refused to believe her father stopped recognising her and, three years after his death, she is able to focus on remembering the good times they shared together.

"​In a funny way we were lucky. While the disease robbed me of my dad, we knew what was happening, we got to say goodbye," she commented.

Now, the 54-year-old is passionate about raising awareness and welcomed David Cameron's recent pledge to double research into finding a cure, so that ​other ​families ​do not ​have to go through the same ordeal. 

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