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Risky yet promising stroke-blocking device announced

Risky yet promising stroke-blocking device announced
30th March 2009

A new device which is capable of treating a heart problem which regularly leads to stroke has showed promise in its testing stages, a new report has stated.

Despite this, the new tool, known as the Watchman, is known to lead to strokes in a number of patients during the implanting process although it has been found to be more effective at reducing heart problems relating to atrial fibrillation - something which affects over two million Americans.

It has also been highlighted that many patients are looking for an alternative to drugs currently on offer such as warfarin and Coumadin, which also have a number of side effects.

The Watchman device, which will go in front of the federal Food and Administration panel in April, still has a complications rate of twice that presented by warfarin, although many doctors remain confident that it will revolutionise stroke treatment and prevention.

Last week, it was revealed by the University of Illinois in Chicago that stroke sufferers are aided with their balance by tai chi.

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