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Review to provide more work for the disabled

17th March 2006

Hopes are high that a government review of Remploy will provide increased job opportunities for disabled people.

The company, which currently employs around 9,000 disabled people, will be subject to a review by the department for work and pensions in a bid to offer better value for money and to look at ways to increase job opportunities for disabled people throughout the UK.

The minister for disabled people Anne McGuire announced the review yesterday, following a report by the National Audit Office last year that claimed some of Remploy's factory businesses were no longer financially viable.

"As we break down the barriers to equal employment opportunities for disabled people, we need to give people the chance to be integrated into mainstream workplaces wherever possible," she said.

"It makes no sense for costs to go on spiralling without producing the best results for disabled people."

She pointed out that the Remploy factory business costs £18,000 per person compared with the firm's Interwork programme that works out at £3,400.