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Retirement villages proving popular

24th May 2006

Many people of retirement age are attracted to the idea of living in a retirement village.

There are almost 30 such villages now in the UK. Despite protests from some that they lead to social exclusion, many who live in them are of the view that they are a positive step.

Karen Croucher, a research fellow at the Centre for Housing Policy, asserts in her report, entitled "Making the case for retirement villages," that inhabitants enjoy the combination of security and independence that such places afford, as well as the opportunities to remain active and partake in social events, options not always easily available in the wider community.

She told BBC Radio Four’s 'Today' programme that the residences were not "gated communities".

"People who live in the community can engage with the wider community as and how they want to," she said.

Richmond Villages make particular appeal for those looking for a retirement complex.

The four villages offer superb facilities, including a restaurant and café to meet with friends, as well as fully equipped flats for when privacy is required.

For those who may need occasional health support, on site care services give peace of mind.