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Retinal implant for blind 'to be tested in UK'

Retinal implant for blind 'to be tested in UK'
22nd December 2010

A retinal implant which helps the blind to see is to be trialled in the UK, giving hope to those with deteriorating sight.

The implant, created by Retina Implant AG, saw blind people point at objects and read their own names when tested on three individuals in Germany.

It is designed to help patients with retinitis pigmentosa and works by copying the actions of a digital film camera.

Surgeon Tim Jackson, who will head the King's College team during the trial, said that it is "unquestionably an extremely exciting development".

'"The results demonstrated by the German team are genuinely impressive, and they represent an important step towards artificial vision that could greatly enhance the quality of life for people with an incurable, blinding disease," he added.

Meanwhile, scientists have isolated proteins which could lead to revolutionary treatments for approximately 130 brain diseases in research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

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