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Respite charity celebrates 20 years in Camden

18th November 2005

Crossroads, the charity that helps carers take some much-needed time off, has celebrated its 20th birthday in Camden, London.

The charity started in the UK around 30 years ago, and the Camden branch opened ten years later.

It has provided thousands of carers with 'time-off' from their constant day-to-day tasks regarding their friends or family with an impairment.

At a celebratory event last week, St Pancras MP Frank Dobson praised the work of the charity.

"If you have someone who is dependent on you care it can be desperately draining so carers can be left feeling tired and as if they have not cared enough or as effectively as they would have liked," he said.

"Often the person being cared for can feel upset because they feel a burden. It is a very difficult and intimate personal situation," he added.

"I think Crossroads does a remarkable job and it played a part in making me sympathetic to change the law to make things better for carers when I was secretary of state for health."