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Respect needed for old Welsh people

8th February 2007

John Griffiths, the Welsh Assembly's deputy minister with responsibility for older people, has called for greater respect and dignity to be afforded to elderly people in the country.

He claims that an open discussion is needed if the elderly people of Wales are to receive the protection and sense of worth that they deserve, reports

"I am committed to protecting the dignity and respect of older people which is a basic human right," Mr Griffiths told the publication.

He stressed that the Assembly Government's National Service Framework for Older People in Wales "provides clear direction for achieving this aim".

Mr Griffiths was speaking following a recent meeting of Older People's Leaders, where he heard the views of the health and social care workers responsible for setting up the framework.

"Now I would like to open this debate up and seek the views of local older people's partnerships, organisations and the people of Wales on how the dignity agenda can be taken forward," he continued.

An older people's commissioner is set to be appointed later in the year.