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Researchers stress prevention is better than the cure

Researchers stress prevention is better than the cure
9th July 2012

The saying that prevention is better than the cure holds true for many things in life and researchers are now stressing that it is a key principle in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

A person's risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases as they age, but the factors that contribute to this can occur at an earlier stage.

At a two day symposium held at Imperial College London, experts from across Europe discussed how lifestyle affects a person's chances of succumbing to cardiovascular disease.

Risk factors include smoking, an unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and stress, and according to the World Health Organisation, over three quarters of cardiovascular deaths could be prevented by addressing these lifestyle variables.

More research is needed to understand how such factors affect a population's and individual's vulnerability to cardiovascular disease, in order to offer clear guidelines on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle that can protect against the condition.

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