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Researchers attend motor neurone conference

20th December 2005

A major Motor Neurone Disease conference took place in Dublin, with the aim of promoting research into the disease and encouraging more funding.

Hosted by the Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA), a charity dedicated to research and support for sufferers, the symposium enabled researchers to meet fellow researchers and to discuss the latest in treatments for the disease.

Dr Stephen Barrett, a US based researcher, delivered a keynote speech to the conference members, urging the medical world to be cautious on labelling untested therapies as alternative treatments.

Issues such as stem cell research, the role of new drugs and the practicalities of bringing lab-based therapies out into the real world were also discussed.

"We are proud that cutting edge research will be to the fore, and that we will be able to share our findings with other groups," commented consultant neurologist Dr Orla Hardiman, medical patron of IMNDA.

"The only way to find an effective treatment for Motor Neurone Disease will be for all those involved in research to work together."